Who's help do I need?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Deciding between the many different helping professional can be difficult. It is important to choose the right fit for you and your individual needs.

Life Coaches A life coach works with individuals to enable them to make decisions that will improve their life. The goal is to get the absolute best out of someone so that they reach their full potential. Coaches do not claim to have all the answers. A coach’s job is to understand and empathise with their client and work with them to find answers within themselves. Coaching can cover several areas, including achieving a better work/life balance, feeling more fulfilled at work, improving relationships with family and partners, learning better parenting skills, gaining a spiritual meaning to life, or a desire to ‘get sorted’. Coaching is solution-focused.

Counsellors - Counsellors work with clients to help them explore difficulties, feelings of distress, or dissatisfaction in their life. Counsellors do not give advice or direct a client to a solution, but instead, help the client to better understand their situation and determine their own solutions. Counselling can be a problem- or solution-focused but typically involves clients in difficulty wanting to return to “normal” functioning.

Mentors - Mentoring is traditionally associated with a more experienced person guiding and passing on their knowledge and experience to others. Mentors are usually experts in their area or job and have experience in helping other people in the same field.

Consultants - Consultants are used for the skills and experience that they can impart in each situation. Consultants can give specific advice to an individual/ organisation about the options available and the pros and cons of each choice. Essentially, consultants are hired to advise

on how to go about a certain process. They are often used in the business world to help a company decide on the direction or process for a new business venture.

Therapists/Psychologist - A therapist is usually trained in a specific field and is skilled at treating specific issues, such as emotional or psychological disorders, phobias, and addictions. They are usually trained to help individuals with serious issues or disorders return to “normal” functioning.

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(Life Coaching Institute of Australia)

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