Our Why?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Hi I’m Emma

So many times you would have heard comments like ‘what’s your why? What's your reason for getting out of bed in the morning? What’s your purpose? and it goes on and on…

Well ours was quite simple. We saw a gap in the market and with our passion for coaching we knew we could help.

Here is what happened.

1. After our son finished school it became apparent there was a knowledge gap in job readiness among his friends. We often had a flood of teenagers come through our home (firstly for a free home cooked meal) and secondly help getting a job. This made us wonder how many others out there needed help too.

2. After years of recruiting staff in various roles we reflected on one pet hate. Poorly designed resumes, cover letters and interview skills. Between us both we would have examined thousands of resumes and sadly many needed a lot of work.

3. Then Covid19 happened. Yes, most of us would like to block out 2020 and start again. Millions of people stuck at home struggling with their mental and physical health. The job market more difficult than ever and promotions looking unlikely. The silver lining, more time to think about your next side hustle and an opportunity to do things differently.

Throughout our careers we've always been passionate about coaching, mentoring, and supporting our teams and colleagues to take the next steps in their personal and professional lives.

So welcome to Austin Coaching.

Emma & Richard

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