Myths About Anger

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Have you ever felt angry? We all have at some stage, right? Perhaps something didn't go your way at work or perhaps someone stole your car park?

Whatever the reason, anger has no place in your work environment or at home. It doesn’t drive the best in yourself or others. A life coach can help keep you on track professionally and drive the right outcomes within your teams.

Here are some common MYTHS about anger….

1) Anger is inherited (Nope, research shows anger is learned!)

2) Anger and aggression are the same thing (Nope again! Anger is a felt emotional state. Aggression is a behaviour that can be changed)

3) Other people make me angry. (Did you know you can actually choose how someone else makes you feel, whether it be excited, happy or angry?)

4) I shouldn't hold anger in. (True, you shouldn't bottle things up, but ongoing venting about the same topic or aggressive physical behaviour is unhelpful)

5) Anger and intimidation help me to earn respect. (No, respect comes from a true leader and great communicator, not the bully in the room. Think about people you respect. What qualities do they have? What emotions do they express?)

6) Anger is not something you can control (False! Again, you can choose how you control your behaviour).

7) When I am angry, I will say what I really mean. (Often ”in the moment” people say things to hurt the other person which may not always be their true feelings)

8) Men are angrier than women. (No, men and women both experience anger the same. They are just more likely to express it differently).

A Life Coach at Austin Coaching can help you focus on the positives and setting goals for your future.


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