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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Career Transition workbook 2021
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We go through career transitions for many reasons.

Covid19, redundancy, parenthood, loss of a job, age, pressure, lifestyle, better pay, stress, work-life balance, wanting a new challenge or to follow a passion project.

No matter your reason it can create a feeling of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

1) Know what you are good at. Taking a step into a new career with transferable skills is a softer landing and gives you greater self-confidence.

2) Don't change for the wrong reasons. Why do you want to change your career?

3) Be clear about what you want. What you are looking for in terms of pay, responsibility, location, conditions etc.

4) Fill the skill gaps: Understand what skills your new career requires.

5) Impact on others. Don't rush, there is plenty of due diligence to do before leaping into a new career. What will be the impact on those close to you?

6) Prepare. You will likely need to rewrite your CV, cover letter and change your interview responses. You will need to highlight your transferable skills to align with your new career.

7) Ask the experts. Don't be embarrassed to have conversations with people working in your desired profession. People are honoured when you seek their advice and often willing to share their experience.

8) Set realistic goals. In some cases, a career transition can take many months or even years if further training is required. No matter the duration remember you are undertaking action to achieve your goals.

9) Be social. Think about how you can use different social media platforms to change your personal brand and connect with others.

10) Network. Networking (both online and offline) is important for everyone but especially when you are going through a career transition. You never know the opportunities out there until you start exploring.

It’s never too late to change your career.

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