Do you suffer from burnout & stress?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A Life Coach can help you.

A 2020 survey, found four out of five white-collar workers (many of whom were working from home) suffered burnout and stress during the Covid19 pandemic.

Job-related causes - Lack of control, unclear job expectations, dysfunctional workplace dynamics, high workload, lack of support and poor work-life balance.

Lifestyle causes - working too much, little time for catching up with friends and family, no time for or relaxing or doing things that bring you joy, lack of support, taking on too many responsibilities and sleep deprivation. What are the 10 signs of exhaustion?

  1. Lack of motivation

  2. Irritability

  3. Fatigue/loss of energy

  4. Having trouble with sleep

  5. Memory & concentration issues

  6. Feeling hopeless

  7. Nervousness

  8. Headaches

  9. Change in food consumption

  10. Increased illnesses

What are the 10 signs of negativity?

  1. Isolation

  2. Lack of enjoyment

  3. Apathy

  4. Impatience

  5. Being critical and use of sarcasm

  6. Feeling persecuted

  7. Hopelessness

  8. Negative attitude

  9. Loss of job satisfaction

  10. Self-medication

What can you do?

· Use Mindfulness

- Get support from family, friends, work, or a professional

- Change how you think about work

- Re-prioritise tasks in your life and at work

- Digital detox

- Apply relaxation techniques and a sleep routine

- Look after your nutrition

A Life Coach can help you avoid and manage burnout and stress.

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Reference - Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, issue 348, 2021

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