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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Turia Pitt’s books, ‘Unmasked,’ ‘Everything to Live For’ and more recently ‘Happy’ are a true display of an individual with resilience and determination.

In 2011, while competing an ultra-marathon in the Australian bushlands, Turia suffered burns to 65% of her body. She has since gone onto write books, run coaching programs, complete ironman events and is a humanitarian, did I mention she now has two kids?

Here are 6 keys to Building Resilience.

1: Cultivate a Belief in Your Ability to Cope

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel helpless when going through a challenging time. Remind yourself you have the power to get through this and focus on your strengths and ways of coping. Focus on what you have done in the past that has seen you through and adopt new positive strategies. Look at setting goals with your life coach and the milestones you need to achieve. Celebrate the small wins and millstones along the way.

2: Stay Connected with Sources of Support

Do not go it alone, we are social creatures. Think about who is in your support network and reach out to them. It could be friends, family, work colleagues or professional support workers. If you are alone, there are many groups online that can help you get through and build your resilience. A life coach can also be your support person, focusing on the future goals, getting you through tough times and being the positive voice in your ear when you’re faced with hurdles. Share your goals with your friends and family to help keep yourself accountable and motivated.

3: Be Helpful to Others

Helping others can be extremely rewarding. Think about your contribution back into the community or your social network. This could be money, time, donating your skills or even something like donating blood to help save lives. Remember to keep your own “tank” full, Your life coach can help you by focusing on your own health and wellness in ways that suit your lifestyle.

4: Activate Positive Thoughts and Emotions

Do things that you enjoy and find fun. It could be watching a movie, spending time with friends, going for a run, gardening, or cooking, then commit to doing this on a regular basis. Think about what activities you have done in the past that bring you joy and reintroduce them into your life again. Take up new activities or hobbies you have always wanted to do. A personal/life coach can help you set goals for the future and stay positive. See information on mindfulness here.

5: Cultivate an Attitude of Survivorship

The more we focus on being survivors, whilst setting and achieving future goals, the more positive you feel. It may help you to connect with other survivors who you know and respect. A coach and help you focus on what you are in control of and set goals to move forward from the present day to your future self and put you in touch with the right support systems.

6: Seek Meaning

Understand your ‘why’ and your ‘purpose’ for doing things. Read or re-read something meaningful each day. There are websites, podcasts, books, audio books, social media groups, quotes and articles that can help you seek meaning and put you in a positive mindset.


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