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Meet Richard

Growing up as the youngest of six, Richard knows what it means to eat fast and fight for your place at the table. Richard has always had an interest in business and self-development, enjoys reading and putting his learnings into practice. He also has a keen interest in fitness and has completed triathlons, marathons, and a half ironman. 

Career and Credentials

Richard is one of Australia’s leading management and business development experts. A career in digital innovation and a customer-centric methodology has helped him successfully grow market share and results for the companies he has been a leader in.


His career has seen him work across many sectors including media, financial services, travel and tourism, giving him a wide knowledge of industry sectors and their inner workings.

Richard’s track record in change management, digital transformation and his tier one experience has given him the ability to entrench a single vision of success while maximising performance of his teams. Richard enjoys a high demand for consulting, coaching and mentoring and is passionate about helping people achieve their potential.

Richard holds an MBA, has completed Business Studies through Harvard Business School and holds a Certificate in Digital Strategy. Richard is a certified Facilitator in Social Style and Versatility, and Situational Leadership. He also sits on boards and is currently running a multi-million-dollar business.


Meet Emma

Emma is passionate about helping her clients unlock their true potential, whether it be physical, professional, or personal. ​Emma believes in using every moment wisely, whether it be to meditate and recharge, hit the gym, spend quality time with your family or kick that next career goal.

Career and Credentials

Emma is a leading management, events, marketing, and sales expert. Emma’s career has seen her work across travel, education, health, retail, and professional services in the private and not for profit sectors. These roles have taught her to work lean, stand out in the crowd and challenge traditional ways of thinking.

After working throughout the Asia Pacific region and presenting at international forums, Emma developed a solid foundation to connect and build meaningful relationships with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  This has allowed Emma to help others set and achieve their goals, without bias or judgement.

Emma is an experienced coach and mentor, holding a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of International Studies, Certificate of Digital Strategy, and 'Compelling Presentations' qualification from NIDA.

After a 10-year fertility journey, Emma was offered the gift of a lifetime.  She offers an interesting keynote story on resilience, gratitude, the kindness of humanity and the modern family.  

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